Big Bag / Single Bag Dumping Systems for PVC Resin and CaCo3

High speed mixer, Pvc mixer, Compounding machinery manufacturer in india

25Kg. - 50Kg. Bag / Big Bag Dumping Station

  • Suitable to feed Jumbo / 25 - 50 Kg. Bag manually
  • Easy to handle Jumbo Bag of PVC Resin / CaCo3 by Crane, Hoist and Fork Lift
  • Easy to connect with vacuum conveying system
  • Conical Bottom to have free flow material
  • Big Bag Resting hood provided
  • Anti Dust reverse jet cleaning system incorporated for healthy environment in CaCo3 hopper
  • Lump breaker arrangement is provided for CaCo3 feed station

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Vacuum Silo

Vacuum Silo, Storage Silo
  • To weigh the required quantity of major components like PVC Resin, CaCo3, other powder material accurately those come from feeding system through vacuum
  • Material can be weighed with 3 Nos. of beam type load cells.
  • Weighing monitoring and controlling unit provided
  • Also to weigh the required quantity of minor components like Stabilizer, TiO2, One Pack etc. accurately to feed into High Speed Heater Mixer

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Pressure Conveying System

PVC Conveying & Automation, Powder Conveying System
  • Ideal solution to feed the PVC Resin / Dry Blend / Powder material to Silo
  • Conveying Capacity approx. 2500 / 5000 Kg/hr
  • Conveying Distance approx. 30 Meters with 3 Nos. of long radius bends (Vertical + Horizontal)
  • Material to be fed in to Storage Silo from source
  • Level Probes for ensuring the emptiness of System

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Hopper Loader Vacuum Conveying System

Vacuum Conveying System, Pvc Conveying & Automation, Powder Conveying System
  • To convey dry blend / powder from Storage Silo / Bin to Extruder Hopper
  • System is mounted on top of Extruder Hopper
  • Suitable models available as per extruder output capacity
  • Auto reverse jet cleaning system for filter
  • PLC operated sate of the art Electric Control Panel
  • Level Probe for ensuring the emptiness of material from Silo,
    pneumatically operated feeding valve to feed Extruder Hopper
  • Spiral Conveyor / Screw Conveyor are also available

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Completed Automatic Compounding Plant with PLC / SCADA System

Prime Margo Machines providing all type of Automated Pvc Compounding Plant, Mixer, Compounding Machine, Compounding Machinery Manufacturer In India.
  • Easy to control on production, planning, supervision and inventory control with process recipe management
  • Complete automation right from 25 Kg. Bag / Jumbo Feeding Station to distribution of material of multiple processing lines
  • Integrated malfunction message system with option for manual operation
  • The Complete systems run on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with various safeties and processing interlocks
  • SCADA software - From you can assess the daily/weekly/monthly reports of total production, material to be consumed, batch recipe, printing, break down alarm can also easily viewed online from any location on computer monitor etc.
  • Operation of complete system views on computer screen

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Liquid Metering System (Volumetrically / Gravimetrically)

Material handling & conveying system
  • To convey the low viscous liquids like DOP, DBP, CPW, Epoxy, Stabilizer, Soya Oil etc. from Liquid Storage Tank to Mixer by volumetrically
  • Tank is made from S.S. 304
  • Gravimetrically / Load Cell Base Liquid Weighing and dosing system is available
  • Easy to couple with High Speed Mixer
  • Batch to Batch variation can be minimized
  • Save quantity of expensive liquid additives

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