Vacuum Calibration Tank Vacuum Sizing Tanks Vacuum Calibration Tank Prime Margo Machines providing all type of Vacuum Sizing Tank. We offering fine quality Vacuum Calibration Tank at Affordable Price.

The calibration tank can be either of single or double chamber construction. The bottom part of the unit is used as a water reservoir, which ensures precise temperature control in the calibration tank. The temperature of the calibration tank is kept on the desired level by a thermostat. The calibration tank is installed on the rail tracks, anchored to the workshop's floor. The longitudinal movement of the calibration tank is manual /motorized.

Performance Features
  • Tank available with Mild Steel as well as in S.S. 304
  • Mechanical Seal/Water Ring type Vacuum Pump
  • Easy cleanable buoyant types spray nozzles
  • Manual as well as motorized longitudinal adjustment on rail
  • Precise Water level control system
  • Water temperature control with sensor and Angle Seat Valve
  • Special type of filter for cleaning during operation
  • Height adjustable manually
  • Adjustable spray nozzle pipes
  • Pressure gauge on water filters to see the blockage of filter
  • Double vacuum chamber provided for quick startup and less wastage
  • Dual Vacuum Tank provided on common / individual structure for dual pipe extrusion
Product range
Models VST - 110 VST - 250 VST - 315 VST - 450 VST - 630
Pipe Range (mm) 20-110 20-250 75-315 110-450 110-630
Length of Tank (mm) 4000-6000 6000 6000 6000 6000-8000
Number of Vacuum Chamber Single Single Double Double Double