Die Heads

Prime Margo PVC pipe head series enables flexible and cost-effective production of high-quality PVC pipes.

All pipe heads from Prime Margo offer excellent advantages, such as high production flexibility, fast and easy start-up of production due to easy installation and disassembly; they produce pipes of excellent quality in a broad processing window with high production reliability.

Prime Margo provides Spider Dies, right up to 630mm dia with Single and Dual.

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Vacuum Calibration Tank

Vacuum Calibration Tank Vacuum Sizing Tanks Vacuum Calibration Tank Prime Margo Machines providing all type of Vacuum Sizing Tank. We offering fine quality Vacuum Calibration Tank at Affordable Price.

The calibration tank can be either of single or double chamber construction. The bottom part of the unit is used as a water reservoir, which ensures precise temperature control in the calibration tank. The temperature of the calibration tank is kept on the desired level by a thermostat. The calibration tank is installed on the rail tracks, anchored to the workshop's floor. The longitudinal movement of the calibration tank is manual /motorized.

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Tube/Pipe - Traction Unit

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The haul-off unit grips the pipe over a long length and pulls it at a constant speed. The haul-off consists of a number of pulling belts around the pipe. The pulling belts, which are located under the extrusion axis, are mechanically adjustable and upper ones are driven pneumatically

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Tube / Pipe Cutting Unit

Smooth and Clear cut for pipe size diameter ranging from 20 mm to 630 mm

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Pipe - Tilting Unit

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